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dat unfrändly smile

very nice game

also yeah like someone said.

the monster DID killed you

like a pokémon


i'm in trauma.

What are the controls in the game?

WASD - move

E - interact

hold Left Click to hold objects

I LOVED THIS GAME! I wish it was longer...And when the monster kills you it looks like a Pokemon. Can't wait for more :D


Nice idea, but unfriendly controls.

Poor game design.


The file had to be downloaded because the game wouldn't run on the web version. The E key worked when it wanted to. I had to press it a few times and at first nothing had happened.


Also, I didn't know what do once the food had been placed. I kept looking for this cross and I couldn't it. The small sliding door opened but I didn't know where to go from there, since again, I couldn't do anything.


As a developer, clear instructions how to complete the goal should be listed. Not just throw the player into the pit. Also, in Unity, have the player capsule be fairly touching your plane, in this case the floor. It'll avoid having that "jump" effect at the start of the game.


The idea is great, just needs more work. Put in more effort, I hate seeing devs not putting the effort and releasing a crap build. I wish you the best of luck and don't give up.


- Pistachio

I couldn't see the X on the ground, the game was too dark.

I took a screenshot and brightened it up in Photoshop and saw it, but the way it is now it's unplayable since you basically have to trial-and-error the location to place the bowl.

Have my brightness maxed, obviously.

thanks for your comment,

I must admit that the game is pretty dark but that's all the point. Concerning the X on the ground, I will correct that and make the location less sensitive

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Ya it's fine dark, just not so dark that the "X" can't be seen. If you're meant to wander around looking for a hotspot that isn't visible in the dark, indicate that instead in the instructions.

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I downloaded the mac build, but when I try to run it "The application '' can't be opened."

This happens sometimes when you make a mac build on a windows machine with Unity. Fellow macOS users, you can solve this by navigating to the FeedtheBeast folder you extracted and in your terminal run `sudo chmod -R +x`. Then you can run the app just fine.